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Creative Work

All businesses, from small to large, should have a web presence these days so consumers can find you and your products and services, but did you know that only 64% of small businesses actually do? In addition, according to eMarketer, 75% of people shop online, and when the pandemic began, that percentage of e-commerce shoppers has grown larger and larger by the day. If you do not currently have a website, or an e-commerce store, you are missing out on opportunities for your business.


Whether you are looking to start with a small informational website or ready to grow into a larger website with e-commerce capabilities and a wide variety of integrations, I can help you. I work with a large network of freelancers, contractors, and agency partners that I collaborate with to create a perfect winning team for your business needs!

Strategy & Planning

What are you trying to accomplish with your digital marketing project(s)? Are you a new business needing an online presence, a small business looking to grow awareness of your products/services with digital marketing, adding an e-commerce store to your current site? I will learn your business goals and come up with a solid strategy and plan that we can execute to get you there.

Website Audits

Before you decide to make upgrades to your current website, or scratch it all together and start over, it's always a good idea to get a baseline on what is currently happening on your site. Site audits can help inform you of areas of improvement needed for any future optimizations or new builds. This information is very valuable and should be done on an annual basis.

Website Design & Development

Here is where the fun part begins! The team will get started on the initial design(s), and once approved, the development and integration piece will get started. This is also where we will bring in your brand elements, content and imagery. After everything is ready to go, our team will go through a QA and UAT testing phase to ensure all elements of the site are working as intended. Then we LAUNCH your brand new customer experience!

Content Development

Oftentimes it is necessary to either re-write old content or create new content to meet the needs of the new site. Our team of copywriters can make any subject sound exciting so leave that part up to us as well! We will also ensure that all content has been SEO-optimized before going live. If you need promotional content for other channels as well just let us know.

Digital Advertising & Marketing Services

Just because you have a website or e-commerce store doesn't mean everyone will come to it. Do you know how you are going to promote it? Now is the time to toot your own horn! There are so many options when it comes to multichannel and omnichannel marketing. Talk to me about your needs and I can help you develop an entire advertising & marketing strategy or help you with individual projects. I have a wide variety of resources to help you with logo design, graphic design, campaign landing pages, online business listings, social media, SEO, SEM, PPC, email marketing, multi-channel marketplace listings, video production, product photography, market & competitive research, surveys and more.

Scope & Budgeting

Once the strategy and plan has been finalized, I will scope out each part of the project to determine costs needed to cover the implementation. I will consult with you on any contract negotiations that may be needed with outside vendors or freelance/ contractors to finalize pricing and overall budget. I will also help find you the right resources internally or externally.

Website Strategy

We will work together to determine your website business goals and determine what features and integrations you will need to accomplish those things. In addition, I will help you choose the right platform, determine the amount of resources you will need, and gather all of your technical and branding requirements as well as content before starting design.

e-Commerce Store Design & Development

If your business also sells products online (or wants to) - whether physical or digital products - we can also design and develop an e-commerce shop that integrates with your particular website platform. We will work with you to get all your inventory integrated into the back end including product names, descriptions, part #'s, pricing, product images and any variations of those items. There are a wide variety of payment processing options too.

Website Analytics

After your website has launched, we also help you get set up with analytic tracking so you can see the new visitors, engagement, and conversions that your new site is generating. We can also learn from this data to determine if there is a need to make additional optimizations so you can provide the best customer experience. 

Traditional Advertising & Marketing Services

Traditional Advertising & Marketing also plays a big role in how you communicate your brand and it's products and services to consumers. Talk to me about your needs (or ideas)  and I can help you develop a strategy here as well or help with individual projects. I have a wide variety of resources to help you with business cards, signage, vehicle graphics, direct mail, marketing & sales collateral, promotional products, customized packaging, merchandising, tradeshow booths, radio and tv advertising, OOH if needed, as well as public relations, recruiting services and more.

Strategy & Planning
Website Design
Advertising & Marketing
Scope & Budgeting

What My Clients Say

Carly Consignore.JPG

Carly Bonsignore, Co-Founder of GBM Foundation

Thank you again for all you did for us. We are very grateful and incredibly happy with the end result. Ever since we launched the site, we have received excellent feedback on the improvements, and we have had so many more site visits and donations coming in from all over the country too! :-)

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